A network of networks to help you on your QuestTM

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Around 5 billion of us in the world are using some form of mobile messaging each day and each of us has on average about fifty close people in our lives. In theory, we are all just six degrees away from each other and from each other’s knowledge and helpful hands.

We all have these powerful things called “intentions” in our lives and QuestTM is an open system in which you can send your intention to your closest friends and they can pass them along to their friends and so on and so on until someone in the world can help you.

We also created this thing called Maven and Maven is there to try and sometimes to help you outside of your friends to solve Quests and Maven will sometimes just give you helpful insight or feedback.

Send a QuestTM

QuestTM helps you connect to brands, friends and other services in order to help with your quests. When we have brands that can help with your quest, we will suggest them to you and allow you to connect to the brand's care professionals. When there are no brands to help with your quest, we allow you to send it to your friends to see if they can help. Text quest to try it out.

Browse open quests

When you are not in an active quest (either helping someone else or someone helping you), users are able to browse open unresolved quests from other users. When Maven asks for your QuestTM, use the #browse command and Maven will present you open quests to choose from, if there are any.