About QuestTM

What is QuestTM?

QuestTM is a platform built as a counter to social networks and to how people spend their time on them. The core concept is a remaining of the way peer-to-peer and consumer-to-brand communication works, placing front and center the concept of intentions.

When you contact a friend, a family member or a business, you have a purpose, a goal in mind, for which you seek expertise and help. These intentions, that we call quests, can take many forms: you are looking for advice, you want to help someone, you are engaging in commercial activity, you need information you can’t find.

The QuestTM platform is about translating these intentions into action, through the combination of expertise found in your peer network, a vast network of global brands and by leveraging cutting-edge A.I. QuestTM uses the power of the conversation, though the medium of mobile messaging, for an experience far more optimized for getting things done than websites, social media networks, mobile apps or 1-800 numbers.

QuestTM shortcodes

Use QuestTM short codes to make things happen in QuestTM. Here's the full list:


While in a conversation with a friend or brand about a quest, you can use the #close command in order to close the conversation. Maven will immediately disconnect all parties from the conversation.


While helping someone with a quest, if you want to pass the quest to someone else to help, use the #pass command. Maven will ask you for a friend’s name and number to send the quest to.


If you want to stop receiving messages from QuestTM, use the #stop command.


If you have previously used the #stop command, and want to start using QuestTM again, simply message #start to 77577.


If you have an active quest, and want to cancel it in order to start a new quest, use #cancel.


When you have some downtime and if are not in an active quest, you can use #browse in order to browse open quests from friends and others in the community.

Privacy and data

Your phone numbers and conversations will all be encrypted and at anytime you can put in #deleteme and all your data will be deleted out of QuestTM. There is no commercial use for your data and we don’t ever intend to allow advertising to be on the platform. We will not treat you as consumers or create targeting algorithms for advertising. We do want to have companies on QuestTM and like yourself they have to earn there way in gaining points to have Maven recommend them. If they lend a helping hand in helping you with your quest, then they will benefit from being on QuestTM.

QuestTM usage points

As you help people fulfill their quest, you will gain more points within QuestTM. If your helpless points will be taken away. There are different levels within QuestTM and as you gain points you will open them up. This is the same for companies on QuestTM, if they do good, they gain points, if they are helpless, they lose points.

Why did we create QuestTM

When people help people they usually feel good about it and we now have this massively connected global network in mobile messaging that we can use to power that helping hand on a global scale. Let’s see what we can do together in making this open system work and if you have some cool ideas for QuestTM, please feel free to send an email to contact@que.st.

Who built QuestTM

We had some free time on our hands while working our day jobs at a company called LivePerson and we decided to put it to good use and our CEO, Rob LoCascio, thought it would be cool to just fund it and get it going.